About Us

So it is that in 2009, I began a firewood business, under the name “SOUTH PARK SERVICE”.

I have been a resident of the northern area of South Park in Park County, Colorado, since 1989. I retired from interstate trucking early in 2007, and local trucking late in 2008. I have always loved working with trees and doing firewood in upstate Western New York.

So it is that in 2009, I began a firewood business. It was not long before I was joined by another fellow, heavily experienced in various forestry skills, that led to the development of tree removal services, especially with respect to trees too close to cabins, that were a bit tricky to take down.

Early in 2018, I got re-established as South Park Works, and resuming work with my previous colleague, and other old friends. Doing basically what we had been doing before, we wound up having a good re-start with the business, newly named. We did not do so much with firewood, as the market demand for our time seemed to be largely centered on slash and tree removal. We have not written off the firewood, or fence work business, however, these services may not be our focus going forward. We also have additional ideas in the incubator.

My home office is at my Buffalo address. Our general work area encompasses South Park, North of US Hwy 24, and along US Hwy 285 throughout the County.


The Company was founded out of the need for slash and dead wood removal, fence repair, and hauling


We are known throughout the South Park Community for our honesty and integrity.  We are committed to the highest quality service at reasonable prices.  Our bids are straight forward and easy to understand.  We will never leave a job until i tis finished and the Client is satisfied.