Currently, within 25 miles, I am getting $280.00 per cord delivered and dumped.  Coordinate with me on this if you order.  As you know, gasoline and diesel prices, both relevant, are currently out of control.  I’m trying to hold the $280.00 price as long as I can.  Very happy to deliver anywhere; we can discuss that.

Also, you can come to 209 Crooked Rock Path, and load your own at a 15% discount, any amount.  I pro-rate that on a per-cord basis depending on how much you actually get.  For example, at the current rate of $280.00 per cord, it would be $238.00 per cord, or whatever amount we actually measure you at.  Go to CONTACTS for further info.

In my situation it’s best to e-mail me if you can.  Go to my CONTACT page for more information about phone calls.  Either way, to start, I need your name, your physical address, and your phone number, and some idea of what you are looking for, in addition to rough schedule requirements.

I have a Conifer species (mostly Lodge Pole) inventory and an Aspen inventory.  All priced the same, and orders can be mixed as you choose.


About Firewood

Getting a lot of new customers moving up here from down below who may not be familiar with the chimney cleaning attributes of Aspen.  To begin with, Aspen gets a bad rap from some folks not familiar with the fact that really dead dry Aspen, while great for starting fires, burns up pretty fast and doesn’t last long.  This is true.  However, Aspen properly harvested and cured, leaving about 15% – 20% moisture is a great firewood.  It burns clean, no creosote, and works to clean out creosote in your system generated by burning various Conifer species.  This is not to knock the Conifers; they have their own attributes.  Over-all, a lot depends on exactly how and why you are burning wood in the first place.  Perhaps you need to experiment.

Be aware of fire bans that may be in force.  In Park County, you can go to https://www.parkco.us/ for current information.  I strongly urge you to do so if you have any questions or stop into any fire station.